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This site is dedicated to Carol Friedrich Alcorn.  A devoted wife and mother.  A loving sister and daughter.  A special friend to all who know her.  

Cancer may have stolen her hair and her strength, but it has never come close to stealing her beauty, kindness, grace and class.  I am a better person for having known her.  My world changed from the first day I met her.


                                                Dale Alcorn

Carol Alcorn


Those that have been inspired as well as beneficiares of the Power of the Giraffe outreach can share their stories and read about how the Power of the Giraffe is spreading to create hope through the Giraffe Army.


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Making the world a smaller place

The Power of the Giraffe strives to help people and families that are battling cancer.  Our aim is to provide financial assistance and care packages to as many cancer patients in treatment as we can.   Don't let cancer steal people's dreams as well as their health.

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Stick your neck out for your fellow man

Our teams are working to raise money for families battling cancer.  Our focus is to help those in the trenches and already in the fight.  We must help those in the battle now.


The Power of the Giraffe

Area Non Profit delivers roses on Valentine's Day


The Power of the Giraffe Not For Profit in conjunction with Jefferies Flowers by Design delivered pink roses to the patients.receiving radiation and chemotherapy treatments at OSF St. Anthony's Radiation Center and the Oncology and Infusion Center at Alton Memorial Hospital.

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