The Power of the Giraffe

Stick your neck out for your fellow man

The gift that started it all

I have stated before that many people have shared and extended our family many random acts of kindness.  From small gift cards for gas or food to a huge fundraiser that Carol's family and friends put on.  Or the small group of parents that purchased a transport chair for Carol, so she didn't have to wait for our tax refund and even a Volleyball and a Dodgeball tournament that the students and parents of OLQP put on for us.  Words cannot describe what these things have meant to us.  These gifts always seemed to show up at the moments our family was being pushed to the brink.  I hope that our efforts will in some small way, payback the good Karma that has been shown to us.  We HOPE tha we can make the difference for other families, that so many kind people have made for us.‚Äč

The Creation of The power of the giraffe - the building of a dream

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